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The team members of the dental practice Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn introduce themselves
Our friendly, qualified and engaged practice team will do everything in its power to make you feel comfortable and ensure excellent and attentive dental care. We take time for you and treat patients who fear the dentist with particular empathy and attention.
You can meet our team on these pages even before you visit our office.

Dr. Natalie Paulsen, Dentist

  • Studied dentistry in Bonn

  • Graduated 1998

  • Doctorate 2000

  • Post-graduate course of studies "Curriculum Implantology" of the DGI, second post-graduate course of studies "Curriculum Dental Hypnosis" of the DGZH

  • Established her own independent practice in Bad Honnef near Bonn in 2002

Focus areas:


  • Active member of the DGÄZ (German Society for Cosmetic Dentistry)

  • Member of the German Society for Implantology (DGI)

  • Member of the DGP (German Society for Parodontology)

  • Member of the DGZH (German Society for Dental Hypnosis)

  • Member of the DGZMK (German Society for dental, oral, and orthodontic medicine)

  • Member of the APW (Academy for Practice and Science)

I specialize in cosmetic dentistry, dental prostheses, implantology and parodontology. Among other things, my practice specializes in the treatment of fearful patients under sedation and general anesthesia .

I very much enjoy being able to offer the full range of dental innovations in the esthetic arena. Beginning with high-quality ceramic inlays, to ceramic veneers, to bleaching and implantation.

In addition, I place great value on prophylactic measures for children as well as adults. Professional teeth cleaning with plaque removal and comprehensive, individually tailored information is a must in my practice and is very popular not only with my steady patients.

Other specialties of dentistry, such as parodontology and root therapy are performed in my practice with state of the art dental technology.

Last but not least some personal information: I am happily married, have twin daughters, enjoy playing the piano, am interested in art and like to travel.

Dr. Sybille Plankermann-Feußner, Anesthesiologist

  • Course of studies in human medicine 1973 until 1980 in Bochum and Düsseldorf

  • Specialist for anesthesia since 1988

  • Advanced education in pain therapy and acupuncture

  • Cooperation with dental practice Dr. Paulsen since the beginning of 2006

  • Outpatient anesthesia in the fields of dentistry and maxillary surgery, gynecology, orthopedics and ophthalmology

Originally from Frankfurt am Main, studied medicine in Bochum and Düsseldorf from 1973 until 1980, then worked in several hospitals in the region of Cologne. Since 1988 I have been a specialist for anesthesia.

Until 1995 I worked as specialist for anesthesia at the Hospital Köln-Merheim, in the context of my training also at the Hospital Holweide and the Pediatric Clinic Amsterdamer Straße in Cologne. In the early nineties I developed an interest in pain therapy and acupuncture and in pursuing the corresponding advanced training. In cooperation with the surgical department (Professor Neugebauer) I have established the post-operative pain service at the Hospital Köln-Merheim.

In 1996 I established my practice as anesthesiologist in a group practice in Bonn and focused on outpatient anesthesia in the areas of dentistry and maxillary surgery, orthopedics and ophthalmology. With more than 20 years of anesthesia experience I established my own practice for outpatient anesthesia and acupuncture in Bad Godesberg in 2005. Since the beginning of 2006 I have been working with Dr. Paulsen.

I am married, enjoy reading and traveling. My favorite pastime is visiting my two sons.

Ana Palma, reception and administration

Dental assistant 

  • Reception

  • Practice organization and management

  • Administrative duties

  • Digital x-rays

  • Chair side assistance

My name is Ana Palma and I was born in Portugal on December 29, 1973. I have lived in Germany since 1974, began my training to become a dental assistant in August 1990 and completed it successfully in May 1993. Since May 2010 I have been working at the dental practice of Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn; I enjoy working here and with the team.

I like to spend my free time with my family.

Nazike Karaman, Trainee

  • Chair side assistance

  • Sterilization of instruments

Dear patients,
my name is Nazike Karaman and I was born on January 25, 1993 in Bad Honnef. I began my training in the practice of Dr. Paulsen in September 2012. I very much enjoy working in this nice and progressive practice. I am learning a lot here and am very successful at vocational school as well. One of my main responsibilities is chair side assistance. In my free time I like to go swimming, read books and spend time with my family.

Natalia Bonet, prophylaxis and quality management

Qualified dental assistant

  • Prophylaxis

  • Chair side assistance

  • Quality management

  • Ordering of materials

My name is Natalia Bonet and I was born on August 28, 1982 in the small city of Lugansk in the Ukraine.

In 1999 I came to Germany with my parents as a member of the embassy (Berlin) and in 2007, I successfully completed my training to become a qualified dental employee. In January 2011, I completed my advanced training to become a qualified dental assistant at the Karl-Häupl-Institute of the Dental Chamber Nordrhein in Düsseldorf and I am currently pursuing a course of studies in business administration, specialization social and health sciences at the University Koblenz. I expect to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration, specialization social and health sciences in 2016. Due to my studies I had to reduce my working hours at the practice of Dr. Paulsen, where I have enjoyed working since 2011. As I greatly enjoy working in the practice, I am enrolled in a course-related work program and would like to apply my newly gained qualification as practice manager after completing my studies.

In my free time I like to travel with my family and friends.

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