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Practice philosophy

Our dental practice Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn - your dentist for fearful patients, dental esthetics, prophylaxis and implants

Wir nehmen uns Zeit für eine eingehende Beratung und Untersuchung - Zahnärztin Dr. Paulsen Bad Honnef bei Bonn

At our dental practice Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn we place great value on making you feel comfortable. As our patient, you should not only receive overall perfect dental care, but this care should also take place in a friendly environment, be pain free, empathetic and abide by all the rules of the art of dentistry.

And if this should not be enough to free you of your fear of the dentist and of dental treatment, you should know that we offer treatment under general anesthesia or twilight sleep every week. So that you can simply sleep through your treatment.

Our practice has four focus areas:

  • Treatment of patients with fear of the dentist

  • Hi-quality esthetic treatment (beautiful teeth!)

  • 3D-Implantology (computer-navigated planning and execution)

  • Prophylaxis (so that your natural teeth stay healthy and beautiful)

Our highly motivated and very qualified practice team provides treatment with a gentle touch, premium materials and certified specialized knowledge. The experience of dentist Dr. Paulsen and her team since 1999 ensures that your dental care meets the highest standards of quality and esthetics and that it is long lasting. We take your needs and concerns seriously, make time for you and offer all necessary measures to make you feel comfortable and make your dental treatment a pleasurable experience.


To achieve this, we place great value on:

  • A thorough examination, targeted diagnosis and in-depth consultation

Before any comprehensive treatment in our practice we perform a thorough examination. Based on the results or diagnosis, we carry out an in-depth consultation regarding the different treatment steps or alternative solutions and together find the most functional and esthetic solution for the patient.

  • A qualified, highly motivated and friendly team

Our highly trained team has years of experience and always strives to provide our patients with first-class dental care and to make the visit to our dental practice as pleasant as possible.

  • Highest quality, advanced and minimally invasive treatment methods

We rely on high quality materials and modern treatment methods that guarantee long-term and solid dental care. In doing so, we always prefer the least invasive care or treatment method, in order to preserve the healthy tooth substance. Our goal: a completely cared for and satisfied patient.

  • Empathetic and pain free treatment

In order to make the visit to the dentist as comfortable and stress-free as possible for our patients, we first and foremost offer empathetic and nearly pain-free dental care in addition to a harmonious and relaxing environment and a caring practice team. Our dental practice has specialized in the treatment of fearful patients for many years and absolved specialized training in dental hypnosis. On request or indication we perform dental treatment under twilight sleep or general anesthesia and therefore make a completely painless and stress-free treatment of your teeth possible.

  • Tooth-preserving measures - prophylaxis  

Preventive care is always better than drilling. Therefore, our main focus is regular and targeted prophylaxis or professional teeth cleaning. The health of your teeth is important to us! We would like you to preserve your natural teeth until old age.

  • The patient’s needs and concerns are our primary focus

One of the most important points of our practice philosophy is to establish a good level of trust between patient and dentist, as we are of the opinion that this is the basis for every successful and satisfying dental treatment. For this reason, we devote much time to you and make sure that we understand your needs and desires and are responsive to them.

The health of your teeth is near and dear to us.

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