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Fearful patients - fear of the dentist

Pain-free and caring dental treatment under general anesthesia for patients with fear of the dentist in Bad Honnef near Bonn


Verständnisvolle, einfühlsame und schmerzfreie Behandlung von Angstpatienten in unserer Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn

Do you dread an appointment with the dentist? Do you have a fear or aversion of dental treatment? Dentist Dr. Paulsen has successfully specialized in pain-free and particularly gentle dental care for patients with a fear of the dentist for many years and trained specifically in this field with an education in dental hypnosis with the German Society for Dental Hypnosis (DGZH e.V.). Our practice team in Bad Honnef near Bonn has a particularly high level of experience in the treatment of fearful patients. We take sufficient time for a detailed consultation and take your fears and desires seriously. After a careful and gentle examination we discuss the treatment strategy with you. 

Please let us know prior to your appointment whether you have a fear of the dentist, so that we can plan a sufficient amount of time for the consultation or treatment.

Dental treatment under general anesthesia or twilight sleep

Zahnbehandlung in Vollnarkosse oder Dämmerschlaf bei Zahnarzt Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn

For fearful patients we offer the option to have treatments performed while sleeping. In doing so, we distinguish between twilight sleep (sedation) and general anesthesia

For adults we prefer treatment under twilight sleep. Under this type of anesthesia we can perform all treatments including fillings, preparation for crowns and bridges, professional teeth cleaning, periodontal treatment, root canals, implants etc.

Our experienced anesthesiologist administers sleeping medication and then initiates the anesthesia. No matter how long your dental treatment lasts, you will not notice it. We try to accomplish as much as possible under anesthesia. Your health status will be monitored by our anesthesiologist on an ongoing basis during the procedure. The benefit for you: You wake up and all work has been completed. You leave the practice in a relaxed state. A new experience for some, to leave a dental practice with a positive and pleasant feeling.

Even for children sedation with general anesthesia is possible and is performed by us.

Information regarding dental hypnosis

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