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Wisdom teeth

Should wisdom teeth be pulled? Wisdom tooth treatment at the dental practice Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn

Weisheitszähne ziehen wenn sie Schmerzen verursachen. Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn

Wisdom teeth are the four rearmost teeth and their development most often is completed between the 18th and 30th year of life. If the wisdom teeth after their complete eruption are in incorrect position and if there is sufficient space for them in the upper and lower jaw, they can certainly be useful for the chewing function. However, if there is insufficient space in the jaw for the four rearmost teeth, or if there are crooked or misaligned, or if the jaw is too small for the wisdom teeth, there is a danger of inflammation of the gums or the periodontium. If repeated inflammations occur, extraction may be necessary. However, only those wisdom teeth can be extracted that have already erupted into the oral cavity. Wisdom teeth that have only partially erupted or are still enclosed in the bone, must be surgically removed.



When should wisdom teeth be extracted?

  • When wisdom teeth are painful or become frequently inflamed

  • When wisdom teeth are affected by caries

  • When orthodontic treatment is needed, it may be possible that wisdom teeth have to be extracted before or after the orthodontic treatment in order to provide enough space for the remaining teeth.

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