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Pediatric dentist - pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dental treatment and pediatric dental care by Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn

A visit to the dentist should be a positive event for a child, without fear or pain.

No fear of the pediatric dentist

Kinderzahnbehandlung in unserer Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn

One of the most important factors for successful pediatric dental treatment is the trust relationship between the child and the treating dentist. For this reason, we focus on your child with empathy and understanding. Good collaboration between parents and dentist also helps in making a visit to the dentist a positive experience for the child.

Therefore, we have created an information sheet for parents that gives tips and information as to what behavior is useful before and during your child's visit to the dentist: Information sheet for parents.

If necessary, our dental practice offers pediatric dental treatment under general anesthesia, twilight sleep or hypnosis. (Information regarding dental hypnosis in children).

We want our little patients to be comfortable.

Childhood teeth - early detection to prevent future problems

Früherkennung bei Kinderzähnen, um spätere Probleme zu vermeiden. Zahnärztin Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn

Your child can only bite, chew and speak properly if it has healthy, straight teeth. If despite all efforts a problem with the milk teeth should arise, it is important to detect this as soon as possible and have it properly treated. Because when milk teeth are lost prematurely, for instance due to caries, the permanent teeth frequently grow in crooked.

Therefore, the first steps to a future with healthy teeth for your child are regular early detection examinations. We recommend that parents visit the dentist practice with their child immediately after the first milk teeth appear. During this initial pediatric dental appointment we provide the parents with important information regarding the care of the child's first teeth. (See also our comprehensive information sheet on milk teeth and pediatric dental care.)

Afterwards, it is important that you bring your child for a dental check-up at regular intervals. Even if nothing unusual is apparent to you regarding the teeth of your child, possible improper care and nutrition can be detected early on during the examinations. Fluoride treatment measures are also fine-tuned in the earliest phases.

These important initial check-up appointments should be maintained later on, particularly after the first molars (milk molars) come in. Not least for the purpose to make your child familiar with visiting the dentist and perceiving it as something completely normal. In this manner, fears and concerns can be prevented and future visits to the dentist can be unproblematic and relaxed for all those involved.

Pediatric dental treatments


For smaller areas of tooth decay in milk teeth we prefer to use synthetic fillings (composite fillings) in our practice. Economical cement fillings are also suitable to treat the small "cavities," but their durability is limited, wherefore we do not recommend them. We principally do not recommend amalgam fillings for children or adults.

Extraction of children's teeth:

Even though there are a number of reasons that may make the extraction of milk teeth urgently necessary, the German Society for Dentistry, Oral and Mandibular Medicine recommends to keep milk teeth as much as possible as "placeholders" for the incoming permanent teeth.

Pediatric dental hygiene:

Children need specialized dental care. Parents should start this care as soon as the first milk tooth of the child is visible. The tooth enamel is still very soft and thin at this age and can quickly be destroyed by caries. You can use the help of Q-tips or cotton squares in the beginning. Or you can start with a very soft toothbrush. The earlier a child gets used to dental care, the better.
For more information on the subject of pediatric dental care, pediatric toothpastes, toothbrushes and a diet that is healthy for teeth please click the above link.

 Sealing of fissures and fluoridated coating - protection against caries:

One prophylactic dental measure against caries is coating the teeth (milk teeth as well) with fluoridated coating. Another prophylactic measure that your dentist can perform to protect milk teeth is the sealing of fissures. Fissures are dimples or grooves of the tooth surface and are very difficult to clean with the toothbrush. The resulting increased danger for tooth decay can be prevented or delayed by sealing the fissures. During the sealing process, fissures are closed off with a thin liquid synthetic sealer, so that no decay can develop there. Most of the time, the sealing of fissures is used for permanent teeth, but it can also be utilized to protect milk teeth.


The visit to the pediatric dentist - completely relaxed

Der Besuch beim Kinderzahnarzt kann ein positives Erlebnis sein, Zahnärztin Dr. Paulsen Bad Honnef bei Bonn

In cooperation with parents, our child-friendly and loving staff, as well as therapy methods that are tailored to the specific needs of your child, dental treatment can be relaxed and a pleasant experience for the child and parents.



A positive attitude toward a visit to the dentist and dental care in childhood is the foundation for healthy and beautiful teeth throughout life.

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