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Laser treatment

Nearly pain-free and gentle dental treatment with dental laser for root inflammation, periodontal disease and surgical procedures - dental practice Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn

Schmerzarme und schonende Zahnbehandlung mit Diodenlaser bei Zahnarzt Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn.

A new era in dental medicine began with the use of laser-supported dental treatments. They enable the dentist to perform treatment of teeth and gum tissue even more thoroughly and less invasive. Dental lasers allow bloodless and nearly pain-free procedures and the dental substance is also protected.
As of late, our dental practice in Bad Honnef near Bonn has been offering state-of-the-art technology in the area of laser treatment.


Areas of use and benefits of dental lasers in our dental practice

Laser-supported periodontal treatment

During periodontal treatment the additional utilization of laser light can improve therapy results significantly:

Diodenlaser zur Behandlung von Aphten in unserer Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn

  • Save killing of germs and infected tissue improves the prognosis and makes the use of antibiotics unnecessary.

  • The healing process is quicker and less painful.

Dental laser for root treatments (endodontic treatment)

Safe killing of germs during root treatments improves the prognosis significantly. The laser light reaches even into the smallest side canals that cannot be reached by conventional rinsing solutions.

The use of laser for surgical procedures

Diodenlaser zur schonenden und schmerzfreien Zahnbehandlung in unserer Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn.

The dental laser also has many advantages for surgical procedures in the oral cavity.

  • treatment without scalpel, needles and sutures,

  • frequently without the use of an injection,

  • as a rule, the wound surface must not be sutured,

  • work in a bloodless environment most of the time,

  • accompanying killing of germs during surgery,

  • cosmetic results are improved.

Additional areas of application for dental lasers

Laserdemonstration vor der Zahnbehandlung bei Zahnarzt Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn

The treatment of hyper-sensitized and sensitive teeth also belongs to the spectrum of laser therapy, allowing very quick, safe and long-lasting results. Exposed tooth necks that have been painful for years when brushing teeth or consuming cold food, are treated efficiently in our practice with laser light.

In addition, the treatment of herpes, pressure points, inflammations of pockets in the gum tissue and implants are treated successfully with laser in our practice.
The bio-stimulation of the laser light also has the
huge benefit that pain is reduced.

The use of lasers by dentists is becoming more established in Germany. Scientific research documents that the use of dental lasers improves the treatment results as well as wound healing. Dental treatment with laser light is safer, less stressful and more successful.

Our competent and trained practice team will provide you with additional information regarding the benefits of laser treatment during your individual diagnosis.

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