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Tooth preservation

Tooth preservation and minimally invasive dental medicine by Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn

Zahnerhalt und minimalinvasive Zahnmedizin bei Zahnarzt Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn. So wenig wie möglich der gesunden Zahnsubstanz opfern.In our dental practice we value tooth preservation and minimally invasive dental medicine, meaning we utilize all preventive measures and dental therapies that preserve or maintain the tooth in its form and function, and in case of damage, we try to sacrifice as little healthy dental substance as possible. Even seriously diseased teeth can be salvaged with modern dental procedures.  

As dental disease such as decay, periodontal disease or root inflammations are caused by bacteria in the oral cavity most of the time, these diseases, which are often accompanied by a tooth ache, can be prevented with regular individual prophylaxis and professional teeth cleaning. However, if decay, loss of gum tissue or an inflammation is already present, we place great value on preserving the natural tooth if possible. This may mean, for instance, that we prefer root treatment to a tooth extraction or find the least invasive solution for decay (e.g. high-quality ceramic filling or inlay, in order to protect the healthy dental substance. An additional tooth-preserving measure is periodontal treatment in case of inflammation or loss of gum tissue. Thanks to innovative options, teeth can be preserved better and longer today through customized periodontitis therapies.

Our tooth-preserving and minimally invasive treatments for teeth and gum tissue at a glance:

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