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Prophylaxis, dental preventive care with dentist Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn, in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums

Frühzeitige, richtige häusliche Mundhygiene - Prophylaxeberatung bei Zahnarzt Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn

The guiding principle from the times of Hippocrates "Prevention is better than healing" applies today more than ever and can be applied to all the areas of health. In dental medicine most of all, unpleasant and painful diseases of the teeth and gums (decay, periodontal disease, inflammations, loss of teeth) can be avoided by preventive measures such as regular professional teeth cleaning.


Why prophylaxis?

To keep your natural teeth healthy and beautiful as long as possible, even thorough dental care at home is frequently not enough. Decay and periodontal disease tend to occur frequently where the toothbrush does not reach. The consumption of sugar containing food and drinks, among other things, promotes the development of decay. The body's own self-cleaning powers are often not strong enough to neutralize acids that are harmful for teeth. The initial signs of decay (pain or hypersensitivity) as well as periodontitis (e.g. bleeding gums or halitosis) are frequently ignored. Therefore, supplementary preventive care in the form of regular prophylaxis is sensible and recommended.


What happens during prophylaxis

API Index (Plaque Index) eines Patienten, Professionelle Zahnreinigung in unserer Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn

The goal of an individual prophylaxis program is to prevent the development of decay and periodontal disease early on and in a targeted manner. To accomplish this, we initially utilize a test that determines the oral hygiene values (indices). It helps us to determine what areas of your teeth are prone to decay or periodontal disease.

Based on these results, the prophylaxis technician educates the patient on possible health risks and shows each patient his or her "problem areas." Furthermore, in our practice the patient receives tips on nutrition that promotes healthy teeth as well as proper oral hygiene at home. The patient will be trained how to use important oral hygiene aids for dental care, such as dental floss and inter-dental brushes.

The second step of individual prophylaxis is professional teeth cleaning (PTC). This treatment by far exceeds the once per year removal of tartar that is paid for by the compulsory health insurance and lasts for about one hour.


Who is prophylaxis for?

Individuelle Prophylaxe für Jung und Alt, damit Karies und Parodontitis erst gar nicht entsteht. Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn.

The individual prophylaxis program is not only important for patients who have a special disposition for decay or already suffer from periodontal disease, but for all patients who would like to keep their teeth healthy as long as possible. Scientific research has proven that the risk of decay and periodontal disease can be significantly reduced by regular prophylaxis and that as a result dental and gum disease can be prevented. We would be happy to advise you on the proper schedule for preventive care.

Information sheet for prophylaxis and professional, esthetic teeth cleaning for adults.

Individual prophylaxis, as well as esthetic professional teeth cleaning for adults, are considered private pay services that are not reimbursed by health insurance providers. We would gladly inform you about our current offers.

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