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Oral Design Center Bochum - dental technology at its best

Cooperation with the internationally renowned master dental technician Ömür Pak, Oral Design Center Bochum

Oral Designer Ömür Pak mit Patientin - Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Paulsen Bad Honnef bei Bonn

Cooperation with the internationally renowned master dental technician Ömür Pak, Oral Design Center Bochum

In order to provide our patients with the highest possible quality with respect to tooth replacement, have recently started working with one of the best German dental laboratories, Oral Design Center Bochum.
The title "oral designer" can neither be purchased nor applied for
. It is only awarded by the Swiss Willi Geller, the inventor of modern dental technology and founder of the 'Oral Design Foundation.'

Willi Geller established this foundation in order to bring together the best dental technicians of the world, who place the same above-average requirements on the art of dental ceramics as he. Only the dental technicians that were hand selected by Mr. Geller himself are allowed to call themselves "Oral Design Laboratory." This guarantees the highest possible quality, precision and esthetics for tooth replacement.
To date, there are only 80 dental laboratories worldwide, 6 of them in Germany, that are allowed to bear the name "Oral Design."

Our laboratory master, Ömür Pak from Bochum, was trained by Mr. Geller personally and is allowed to call himself Oral Designer.

Mr. Ömür Pak works with feldspar ceramic, the material developed by Willi Geller, which has proven itself for more than 20 years. This material allows unbeatable stability and based on its structure has a color effect and brilliance that cannot be distinguished from natural teeth. With unbelievable meticulousness and the most minute detail work Mr. Pak produces veneers, crowns, bridges and prostheses, whose natural esthetics and fit as well as function cannot be surpassed.

Therefore, high end patient care with outpatient contact is unthinkable for master dental technician Ömür Pak. For this reason, he himself adjusts the tooth replacement he produced in our practice.

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