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No-prep Veneers – the better, thinner veneers

A perfect, radiant smile with no-prep veneers from dentist Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef

More beautiful front teeth without drilling, without injection, without pain

No-prep Veneer - hauchdünne Keramikverblendschale zur dauerhaften Zahnkorrektur für Frontzähne. Zahnästhetik bei Zahnarzt Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef bei Bonn.

The so-called no-prep veneers (also collect non-prep veneers) are ultra-thin ceramic veneers, thinner than a contact lens, and only about 0.1 to 0.5 mm thick. In contrast to conventional veneers, due to this extremely thin layer, no or in rare cases only a small amount of dental substance must be removed or ground down. No-prep veneers are "bonded" permanently to your teeth and the attachment to the dental surface is completely pain free and gentle - without drilling, without injection.

No-prep veneers are made from a special ceramic substance and are highly esthetic and minimally invasive, based on their extremely thin layer.




Benefits of no-prep veneers:

  • If a patient has teeth with unaesthetic crowns that still fulfill their function (and are free of decay), a no-prep veneer may be the solution. These extremely thin ceramic veneers can be placed on existing crowns and even existing veneers.

  • Because the high-quality ceramic of no-prep veneers does not get discolored, even after many years, they can also serve as a replacement for bleaching.

  • In addition, these ultra-thin ceramic veneers are also ideal for covering tooth discolorations that cannot be bleached.

  • With no-prep veneers, chipped front teeth, unsightly teeth, crooked teeth or smaller positional defects can be corrected quickly and in a minimally invasive manner.

  • The almost invisible, ultra-thin veneer looks completely natural and esthetic.

  • If necessary, a no-prep veneer can be removed any time without residue.

  • The minimally invasive technique of affixing the extremely thin ceramic veneers requires no injection or grinding of healthy dental substance and is completely pain-free.

  • Only 2 appointments are necessary for the beautification of teeth with no-prep veneers: An initial brief appointment for the impression and a second appointment for placement.

  • Longevity and color retention.

  • No-prep veneers are particularly suited for teeth with a thin enamel layer.

The application fields of no-prep veneers at a glance:

  • Correction of crooked front teeth

  • Closing of gaps between teeth

  • Correction of front teeth with unsightly shape

  • Correction or beautification of changes of coloration, tooth discolorations

  • Replacement of missing or damaged small tooth sections

  • Beautification of still functional but unsightly crowns and bridges

  • Extension of incisors

  • Cosmetic corrections of undesired tooth shape

Highest precision and dexterity for high-end esthetics

The production and attachment of minimally invasive no-prep veneers for dental correction or beautification requires the highest level of precision, dexterity and of course specialized knowledge from the dentist and dental technician.
In order to guarantee absolute natural and perfect results as well as outstanding overall esthetic appearance,
our dental practice collaborates with an internationally renowned master dental technician: Ömür Pak of the Oral Design Center Bochum. Mr. Pak is a master in his field and produces no-prep veneers with unbelievable meticulousness and with the most minute detail work until he has achieved the perfect result. The products are highly esthetic veneers that seamlessly and naturally blend into the mouth and face.

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