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Welcome to my dental practice in Bad Honnef near Bonn

Your dentist for fearful patients, dental esthetics, prophylaxis and implants

Dear patients,
No need to be fearful when visiting our practice - because we are
specialists in the treatment of fearful patients as well as treatment under general anesthesia or twilight sleep. Furthermore, we place very high requirements on everything concerning dental esthetics. Therefore, we work with an exclusive dental laboratory in order to guarantee the most beautiful results for your new teeth. Should you need implants, we assure with the newest 3D implant procedure that your implants are placed in a pain free, safe and long-lasting manner.
However, we would not only like to repair your teeth, but ensure that they stay health to begin with. For this reason, we place great value on regular, thorough and gentle

The health of your teeth is near and dear to us.

Your Dr. med. dent. Natalie Paulsen

Fearful patients

Recommended dental practice for patients with fear of the dentist in Bad Honnef near Bonn

Dentist Dr. Natalie Paulsen and her team have years of experience in treating adults and children with fear of the dentist.

We take the fears and concerns of our patients seriously, listen carefully and take time for a thorough consultation and comprehensible explanation. Our trained practice team will treat you with much empathy and above all without experiencing pain, so that you can overcome your fear of the dentist. Whether we perform the treatment of your teeth under general anesthesia, twilight sleep or hypnosis, you can be assured that we care for you with empathy, much patience, and the highest level of medical competence before, during and after your treatment. Our dental practice is well-known in the area of Bonn for excellent overall dental care of fearful patients under general anesthesia or twilight sleep.


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Dental esthetics

Beautiful white and healthy teeth - dentist Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn

Dental esthetics play an ever increasing role in today's dentistry. For most patients, it is not only important that their teeth are healthy, but also beautiful, white and straight. And rightfully so: beautiful, white teeth are part of our personal calling card.

For this reason, cosmetic dentistry has a very important place in our dental practice in Bad Honnef near Bonn. As an active member of the DGÄZ (German Society for Cosmetic Dentistry) and specialized training in this field, we offer our patients a sophisticated, esthetic treatment concept which encompasses many aspects of modern dentistry such as bleaching, corrections with veneers or no-prep veneers as well as full ceramic restorations (crowns, bridges and inlays) all the way to reshaping the uneven appearance of gum tissue. With all our procedures we make sure that dentures have a natural beauty and cannot be distinguished from natural teeth.

We work with one of the best German dental laboratories, Oral Design Laboratory in Bochum, in order to meet the highest demands of esthetics and precision.

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Dental implants with 3D implantology by dentist Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn

Implants, artificial dental roots, are the most sophisticated option for the perfect replacement of missing teeth. As a certified implantologist and member of the German Society for Implantology (DGI), dentist Dr. Paulsen has successfully placed dental implants for her patients for many years with the most precise implant technology.

In the matter of implants, our dental practice in Bad Honnef places value on quality, safety and precision. Therefore, as one of only a few practices in the area of Bonn, we work with the radiological institute for digital volume tomography (Cranium) and the most experienced specialty laboratory in this field in Germany ("Zahnconstruct"). The implantation is precisely planned ahead of time with special 3D software and a drilling template is produced, which facilitates a low-risk, minimally invasive and gentle insertion of the implants. This not only ensures the highest level of patient safety during the procedure, but also well predictable esthetic results.

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Professional teeth cleaning is the best precaution for maintaining healthy teeth and gums

In our dental practice Dr. Paulsen in Bad Honnef near Bonn prophylaxis or professional teeth cleaning (PTC) is at the core of the treatment concept.

Regular individual prophylaxis by your dentist will help keep your teeth healthy as long as possible and prevents anger, unnecessary pain and most of all saves money in the long run. During teeth cleaning in our dental practice we thoroughly remove bacterial plaque, that can lead to the development of periodontal disease and thereby also to tooth loss, even from the edge of the gums and interdental-spaces and then polish your teeth to a “high luster. “.

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Our dental practice is strongly prophylaxis -oriented, based on the motto: tooth preservation rather than tooth replacement. We want you to preserve the health of your natural teeth as long as possible. Therefore, we place great emphasis on regular and thorough professional teeth cleaning as well as careful treatment of periodontal disease, caries and root inflammations. Aside from esthetic dentistry, such as bleaching and white fillings, our dental practice specializes in high-quality dentures as well as sophisticated esthetic reconstructions such as full ceramic crowns and bridges, the utilization of veneers, no-prep veneers, ceramic inlays as well as computer-navigated implantology. For patients with a fear of the dentist we offer dental treatments under general anesthesia or twilight sleep.

What our patients say

Top consultation, treatment and results!

I can confirm what the description states - you will leave the practice free of fear!

Excellent care!

Super consultation, everything is explained in detail; my needs and wishes were addressed... now, after treatment, I can smile again and show off my teeth with pride. I sincerely thank Dr. Paulsen, the team and the dental technician. :) Absolutely to be recommended.

Top dentist and top team !!!!!

Very friendly staff, very competent dentist who makes decisions in accordance with the wishes of the patient... Last minute appointments possible... I never experienced professional teeth cleaning that was so thorough.... The cooperating anaesthesiologist is very nice and competent. I was in top shape again 5 minutes after sedation! No pain, no memories! I am so relieved that I found this practice and can highly recommend it !!!

Absolutely competent; I received implants by Dr. Paulsen and excellent crowns. I am truly happy with them. Very friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere in the practice.

The caring treatment and to be taking seriously is just wonderful. Too bad that I did not come here sooner. Excellent team! Thank you.

Dr. Paulsen takes time regularly to answer my questions and to explain necessary medical steps in detail and in an understandable manner. Treatment is very precise and thorough.

Competent, friendly, reliable!

Listening to music is good prevention of pain and makes treatment easier. I feel that I am taken seriously and supported by the entire practice team. This practice can be highly recommended.

Dr. Paulsen is an angel for all fearful patients.

The practice does not look like a practice at all. Fabulous atmosphere! In addition, there is a pleasant smell, not at all like the typical dental practices. Dr. Paulsen and her team are super friendly and very empathetic. After the treatment I was completely happy, relaxed and felt comfortable. Even the injections were pain-free. I almost look forward to my next visit. Thumbs up!